Who are Adaptil? Banned From The TV!

If you are a UK resident you may have recently in 2017 seen adverts on the TV showing you a product that claims to help ease your dogs stress and anxiety with their own unique synthetic replica of a dog pheromone released by mother dogs to their puppies. I am going to review the company and tell you who actually owns Adaptil.

Can you trust this company?

Who is this company and can you really trust their Adaptil Diffuser to be sprayed around your house maybe where your kids walk around and play. What about your dog? Do we know the long term effects this may have on the dog or how will your dog tell you if it doesn’t like the substance for some reason.

I think they are a good company

I believe this company to be legitimate and I have even gone as far as to buy it for my friend’s dog. Let’s take a further look.

Who owns Adaptil?


Adapted are owned by Ceva a French Pharmaceutical’s company created in 1999. They have offices in Kansas at USA 8906 Rosehill Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215 but their headquarters rest in France at 10 avenue de la Ballastiere Libourne, 33500.

That to me is already a good sign and shows that they are very public and not trying to hide from anyone. Taking a further look at their Linkedin page shows us that they claim to have anywhere from 1000 to 5000 employee’s which of course is hard to verify unless you actually work there and are one of those employees.

No serious complaints online

There are no serious complaints in the media or forums anywhere online and the worst things written about them for things like Feliway and Adaptil on Amazon is that the product simply sometimes does not work for their pet which is understandable. I think they would even admit that it’s impossible to 100% for certain say their product will work with your pet. They don’t just own Adaptil and actually have products for Cattle, Pigs, Poultry, Sheep and even goats, They reported sales close to 1 billion euros in 2016 and continue to keep growing no doubt with quality honest products.

2019 TV Advert Banned

The advertising standards authority in the UK has banned an Adaptil TV advert. They claimed that it was misleading and said that Adaptil’s studies referenced were irrelevant. Adaptil responded by saying that they accepted the judgement by the ASA. We would now recommend reading some of our Dog CBD Oil Reviews on our homepage.

One comment

  • Since April 2019 the TV advert for Adaptil plug-ins in the UK claiming that it “calms anxious dogs” has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority because the claims were “misleading and unsubstantiated”.
    I have used this myself on a very fractious puppy and am open-minded perhaps leaning towards being a ‘believer’……but I wonder now whether it was more of a placebo effect on ME and I relaxed as a result and therefore so did the puppy!

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