VET CBD Reviews – Is Dr Tim Shu Legit?


Early last year I discovered CBD Oil. It was after my dog Jeff's anxiety issues were getting out of control. I had tried synthetic solutions like Adaptil, but unfortunately, that didn't work. Neither did going to the vet or countless other "Natural Pills". Everything changed though when I discovered CBD Oil first for my use and later that it could be used for pets.

VetCBD isn't the first Pet CBD Oil Company I used, but I've set myself a mission to review all of them on my DoggoReview blog. VetCBD is claimed to operate out of Southern California and from what I gather was founded by a man called Tim Chu  who has a Doctorate Veterinary Medicine from Texas A&M University's College of Veterinary Medicine. He seems to be a genuine person with a solid background to run a company like VetCBD.


How it works

Tim Chu appeared on an interesting podcast with RadioNZ here where he talks more about CBD Oil for pets and how it is beneficial. He also did a Reddit AMA one year ago where he answered a lot of questions. In the AMA he mentioned that "we need more studies", "Cannabinoid therapy can be very safe", "adverse effects with NSAIDS" and some other interesting things.

If you don't have time for either of the above, here is a basic overview:

Chances are, you have heard the acronym CBD thrown around but never quite grasped what it is all about? Time to find out that CBD is short for cannabidiol. There is no need to be afraid. And if you still feel so iffy with marijuana even though it has been legalized in some countries, here is the excellent news: CBD does not necessarily come from the still controversial green herb plant.

CBD may be derived from hemp, too. And here is even more reason to relax: it is practically a defanged upper. Meaning, it keeps you high, alert or excited. However, because the so-called THC has been removed from the compound? There is no mind-altering effect whatsoever such as depression, hallucination or phobia.

Still, please be advised and stay tuned for more findings while keeping your eyes and ears open. In spite of its defanged state, CBD still has the power to react with receptors in the nervous system. So as it is, CBD is valuable for creating a feeling of balance and something short of euphoria.

VetCBD Side Effects

For your pet such as a dog, CBD can be an effective natural medication for anxiety or hyperactivity. Translation: Cannabidiol can have a somewhat calming effect on your pooch. You will find that he or she will tend to sleep longer than usual. Thus far, researchers are yet to find any evidence of side effects.

Still, it will not hurt to consult the vet before you embark on any treatment. CBD can be effective. However, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

VetCBD Products Offered


VetCBD has two tinctures available for sale, 250mg and 125mg of CBD Oil. They are claimed to be free from pesticides, solvents and other nasty stuff, but I can't find any lab reports on their website. To make the products safe for your dog, Tim Chu has made the product Olive Oil Based which separates it from other Human focused CBD Oil.

Where to order VetCBD Products?

Currently, VetCBD does not ship their CBD Oil online, and you will have to go to a physical location to pick up their products. The reason for this is that their products are only allowed to be sold in licensed Californian dispensaries.

They appear to currently in May 2019 have their products stocked in 50 physical stores across California. You can find a store near you by clicking here.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are not set to public on their Facebook page which makes it hard to see what customers are saying without moderation from VetCBD. One customer testimonial they shared was from an Instagram user by the name of jlaisies

"I have quite the number of dogs in my family so I use CBD to treat them for various reasons. The most common reason for use is anxiety. Since my 10 year old shih-tzu was a puppy, she’s feared loud noises. Thunder and fireworks being the most traumatizing. As she got older, her body tremors went from a few minutes to hours. I was afraid her heart would overwork and stop. I tried a body wrap around her but it wasn’t affective. So I turned to CBD oil. The best result I ever had was on New Year’s eve. Fireworks went off for hours in our neighborhood. But I gave her a dose an hour before sunset and she didn’t shake once or even acknowledge any noise outside for the next 3-4 hours. I highly recommend CBD!""

If you scroll through their Facebook you can read other similar testimonials.


2019 Update! What Company Is Best?


I have now found a company way better than VetCBD that ships products online! They are called LolaHemp and they have really changed my dog’s life by wiping out his anxiety.

Their products are completely natural AND I managed to get the coupon code “DOGGOREVIEW” that will give my friends a 15% discount on all purchases.


Since LolaHemp don't sell CBD treats or topicals I would recommend KingKanine for that. Jeff loves the taste of the Apple Cinnamon treats and the calming effects are wonderful.

Closing Thoughts

It is a bit annoying that you cannot currently order their products online like you can with Pet Releaf and other CBD Oil companies. Even if you want to buy some of their CBD Oil at a physical location it has to be from California. I would also like to see some Lab Reports, more products offered.

With that being said VetCBD looks like it has a good founder and everything looks okay with customers who have managed to buy some products in California. There are no significant complaints I can find on third-party blogs or youtube. There are even people who don't live in California queuing up to order VetCBD products.


  • The big difference that is never mentioned on these websites, and why you cannot buy Vet CBD online, is that they are a full plant spectrum product. Meaning that they use the actual female marijuana plant in their extraction so the product contains a small amount of THC in addition to the large amount of CBD. This is preferred since the items you can order in any state is made from hemp (the male plant) and you are not getting the various benefits from the other cannabanoids contained in the female plan. Your hemp CBD oil is made from the same stuff they make rope out of. The Vet CBD oil is made from the plant that you smoke. Big difference.

    • You are exactly right Al! Another thing that wasn’t mentioned and yet is a HUGE plus is that they have veterinary nurse support for pet owners. You can even talk to Dr.Tim Shu himself!
      Recently they came out with a hemp brand CBD, Dr. Shu’s Pet Care, which you can buy online.

    • You are exactly right Al! Another thing that wasn’t mentioned and yet is a HUGE plus is that they have veterinary nurse support for pet owners. You can even talk to Dr.Tim Shu himself!
      Recently they came out with a hemp brand CBD, Dr. Shu’s Pet Care, which you can buy online.

    • Exactly right. you have to buy VetCBD from a licensed and regulated dispensary. that is why you can’t buy it online. I ordered mine from a local medical dispensary and had it delivered in half an hour. it is a lifesaver. my cat is relaxed and happy, able to recover from surgery without messing with his stitches, and it is much better than seeing him knocked out and drugged from the rx sedative. the product gives an EASE to his mood. it’s clear he has a feeling of safety and well-being — something you would want for anybody you love. We definitely need more research and I look forward the long overdue science, but it works and appears gentle on the animal. They only noticeable side effect that I see is that my boy is HONGRAY! If you need your pet to eat, this is for you I use it more for anxiety, OCD, and so this once feral cat will let me touch him and take care of his medical needs.

  • Im very new to the cbd oil thing, but my 6 year 0ld Shorkie has become extremely aggressive with our groomer. We used the same groomer for the last 5 years and can get him through a entire setting.I was given a bottle of VET CBD oil cbd:thc 125mgcbd 6.25mgthc per bottle.I think its time to try to see if it helps my doggie,But Im SCARED TO DEATH TO OVERDOSE OR CAUSE ANY LONG TERM EFFECTS to dog that i and my family loves dearly. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. thank you

  • My only issue they make their products from crude bho solvents.

    Which I won’t ingest myself so why would I give it to my dog. They don’t even make the products. It’s some corporate manufacturer and VetCbd just sources the packaging and the bho for them.

  • What would be the best and safest CBD oil product on the market to help my dog with low grade cell cancer tumor with a transparent lab certified approval? Jae

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