Sentry Dog Toothpaste – Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste

I have used Sentry Dog Tooth Paste on my dog in the past and if he could speak to me I am sure he would thank me, Here is my review of the petrodex paste. The unique sentry dog toothpaste is specifically designed for dogs only. It can help with your dogs bad breath, help eradicate dangerous plaque, abolish tarter and painful food debris that get stuck in between your dogs teeth daily. Remember that your poor little dog is unable to remove by itself but if it could speak he or she may just beg you with a sulk to brush it’s teeth with a delicious dog poultry tooth paste.



Is brushing your dogs teeth pointless?

You might be thinking that idea of brushing your dogs teeth is pointless. The dangers of built up plaque with a dog are actually very serious and you are wrong if you think you don’t need to do such a thing. Did you know that studies have shown dog’s gum disease can and does cause death for some dogs.

How your dog could die

Your dog could get Gum disease simply if the plaque is not removed from it’s teeth since it then turns into Tartar after several days where after even more build up it can cause receding gums leaving gaps for bacterial entry into it’s blood stream. Tartar in itself is actually uncomfortable for some dogs so even if your dog didn’t get heart disease it’s always still worth at least trying to clean your dogs teeth to help give it a happier life.


How to use Sentry Dog Toothpaste?

Your dog will be probably hesitant if unfamiliar with the paste and also you sticking a tooth brush straight into it’s mouth if it’s their first time.

  1. You should first squeeze a little bit of the paste onto your finger for your dog to try. Your dog will probably lick your finger clean and beg for more.2. At this point you can put more stuff onto a tooth brush and gently start brushing your dogs teeth back and forth.

You should give your dog plenty of friendly praise after this so it’s know what great job he or she did. You could maybe even offer a treat if the paste already wasn’t enough of a delicious treat that is!!


Sentry Dog Toothpaste Ingredients

The tooth paste has quite a small list of normal ingredients that make it safe and tasty for dogs to use .

This Sugar Alcohol is an ingredient used in human foods that gives it a sweet taste.
Dicalcium Phosphate:
Also known as Calcium hydrogen phosphate this food additive can be found in breakfast cereals.
Hydrated Silica:
This is important ingredient is a form of silicon dioxide and is commonly used in human toothpastes to help remove plaque.
Also known as Glycerol this is acts as a sweetener and also helps to preserve food.
Poultry Digest:
Another important ingredient, this obviously gives the poultry toothpaste it’s flavor. It is made from cooking down meats (mostly birds) and then turning them into a liquid or paste.
This is a sugar made from corn that is sometimes given to people who are dehydrated.
Xanthan Gum:
This is a food additive and is also a thickening agent you will so in many tasty snacks. The interesting thing about his is that it thickens food with an extremely small quantity of gum.
Sodium Benzoate:
Another boring Food preservative.
The tooth also contains other things like purified water and amazingly the toothpaste also includes several patented enzymes that no doubt instead of making it taste good also make it super helpful for your dog.

Petrodex Enzymatic Toothpaste Side Effects – Is it Safe?

First thing I checked was to make sure that the paste was manufactured in the USA and thankfully it was. There are actually currently no negative side effects with this paste provided your dog is not allergic to any ingredients.

Why is it safe?

Because the paste has no foaming agents like human toothpaste it means since dogs can’t spit stuff out like humans it is safe. You should never ever use a human tooth paste on a dog for that reason alone. After reading the ingredients I can see that there is nothing that stands out as shockingly dangerous but you should note that the poultry ingredients are probably not going to sit well with a human stomach. Make sure to not leave the tube lying next to your human tooth paste to avoid mistakenly getting a nasty surprise when your eyes are sealed shut early in the morning.


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