Sentry Dog Calming Collar For Dogs Review


Sentry is a Pet care company specializing in solutions for Dog’s and Cats. Sentry is owned by SERGEANT’S PET CARE PRODUCTS, INC. One of their most popular products is the “Sentry Dog Calming Collar” but they also have dog toothpaste and flea/tick removal solutions.


How the Sentry Collar Works

If you are familiar with Adaptil’s solutions then you will know how the Sentry collar works. Like Adaptil, Sentry have created a man made synthetic replica that copies and produces the same effects from a natural pheromone a mother dog releases to her puppies when they are young and frightened. The Pheromone release by the mother has the ability to calm her pups down but obviously your dog most likely will not be with it’s mother and no longer receive the pheromone effects once it grows older. Once you understand this it makes sense that the Sentry collar would be able to help your dog but is it actually just too good to be true ?

Does It Really Work?

Just like with the Adaptil Collar the reviews are mixed and that is because the 100% truth is that the collar does not work for every single dog but at the same time there are still a lot of other dogs out there who get the benefits from the Dog collar. Some of the benefits include calming down dogs during loud fireworks, stressful car journeys, separation anxiety and just any sort of general behavioral issue brought on by stress or anxiety.



How long does it last?

The collar typically lasts for around 3 – 4 weeks before finally loosing it’s power and becoming ineffective. If your Dog has had reacted well during that time then you should immediatly notice the change once you replace the Sentry collar with a brand new one.

Does it have an odor?

The Pheromone on it’s own does not have an odor but the Sentry Dog Collar does have a Lavender and Chamomile odor which in its self can sometimes be calming for Dogs. If you are sensitive to fragrances then you could try the Adaptil Collar as it does not have any kind of odor at all.

is it safe?

The Sentry collar has been scientifically tested and there are no reported long term side effects. Similarly there are also no effects on humans but as mentioned earlier the only issue for some people is the fragrance smell. If the Sentry collar does not work with your dog then it will not cause any negative effects but instead your dog will just simply have no reactions.


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