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I recently discovered when looking around for a new Kennel for my dog Jeff. This e-commerce website specializes in pet supplies, such as toys, food and treats. Even though I had never heard of the website before, I thought I would put it to test and do a review out of it for I am happy to report that my overall experience was mostly positive, Below, you can read my honest review of and find out some extra information before you give them your credit card details.


Payment Options

I am one of those people who is quite happy just to use my credit card to make payments. I think there are even some people still making payments with money orders and personal checks which is mind-boggling. Regardless, if you are like me and okay with using a credit card, you will be able to make purchases through Petflow with no issues. If you rely on money orders, cash or personal checks, you are totally out of luck., of course, does also accept PayPal, which gives it a thumbs up in my book. The credit cards it currently accepts include like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Petflow CBD Oil

CBD Oil is taking off at great pace in the US and further into Europe. It’s getting attention simply because the results are astounding for many pet owners. Common issues like Anxiety and Aggression are now being helped with natural CBD Oil. Unfortunately the only Oil being sold on Petflow currently is Salmon, Virgin, Pollock, Sardine, Argon and other various oils.

We think it’s only a matter of time before Petflow starting stocking CBD Oil for dogs and when they do we will be sure to update this review.

Customer Support


As soon as I placed my order, I had an unanswered question come up that needed immediate attention which was quite frustrating. I searched through the website for a customer support link which was even more annoying. It looks like Petflow have taken a popular approach where they use a semi-automated support approach to reduce the load off, real staff,

I did eventually discover a phone number on the return policy. The Zendesk support portal did not help answer my question, so I decided to contact customer support via 1-888-316-7297 which turned out okay in the end. Customer support is available from 9a.m. to 10p.m. seven days a week.


For international consumers, you will be sorely disappointed that PetFlow does not currently ship internationally. The company serves only the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska. It also does not ship to Puerto Rico or Canada. Like most companies, PetFlow does not ship orders to APO/FPO addresses or P.O. boxes. If you are from Europe or the UK, there are alternatives like Pets At Home.

Fortunately, if you are American, PetFlow does offer free shipping. However, there is a small catch. To take advantage of this offer, you must place an order for more than $49. For orders $49 or less, a flat shipping rate of $5.95 applies. I felt that this was a fair shipping rate to pay, so I decided to keep my purchase below $49. However, you may not feel the same.


If you are more used to doing business with the world-dominating American e-commerce company, Amazon, you may not find PetFlow’s delivery time up to scratch. The company does not have a set shipping time set in stone. Basically, this means that they do not guarantee fast shipping. With that said, food orders that are classified as “non-prescription” may take anywhere from two to three days to arrive. Keep in mind though that it takes up to 24 hours to process an order, at which time you will receive a tracking number.

From my experience, I can tell you that my order took 5 days to arrive so use that is a time frame if you like. Prescription orders generally take about five days to deliver, since there is a two-day window for verification purposes.

I placed my order, a small dog kennel, on Monday and received it on Friday. No, it is not lightning-fast like Amazon delivery, but I still found it acceptable.


When I received my order, I was happy to see that the shipping box was still intact. I opened the box and discovered that my kennel was in perfect condition with no damage. I have give credit here to PetFlow’s shipping and handling department for the effort that they put into the packaging of my new dog kennel.

PetFlow Coupon Code

PetFlow coupon codes are available online. However, some codes will not render a discount. Like some other online retailers, PetFlow limits and restricts discounts and coupons that are applied to some orders. They do not discount some name brands, including Royal Canin, Orijen, VeRUS, Fromm, Acana and Annamaet. Some prescription diet foods are also not discounted.

Return Policy

PetFlow has a stringent return policy. It does not accept returns on products that cost less than $10 unless the customer is willing to pay the shipping fee (pretty much pointless). Also opened products and prescription products are not accepted as returns.

It is challenging to determine upfront if the customer will be charged a return shipping fee. If you just happen to be one of these unlucky customers, you will end up paying a return shipping fee up to $14.95, depending on the amount of the item being returned.

To start a return, the customer must notify PetFlow via email or phone. A customer service representative will provide instructions as well as a shipping label upon request.

Out Of Stock

I surfed through the PetFlow website to see what it had to offer. The selection was great, and most of the products appeared to be in stock. According to the company, it will consider adding new products to its inventory per request. So, if you do not find what you are looking for, you can submit a product suggestion via their semi-functional support desk.

Easy To Navigate

I liked that was very easy to navigate. A navigation bar located on the top of the homepage breaks down the departments to ensure the best shopping experience.

Visitors can choose from the dog and cat department to specific brands. They can also find information about free shipping and the quick reorder process, just by utilizing the navigation bar.

Below the navigation bar is a search bar, which allows for brand searches. Just click inside the search and scroll down to the brand you are looking for to retrieve the results.

Once you find the product you are looking for, you will be provided with the available size options, along with the prices. The website is speedy, and I never encountered problems with page loading errors.


  • Well-stocked store
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Large selection


  • Does not accept checks or cash
  • More information needed for customer support
  • Return shipping fee

Final Thoughts

My overall experience shopping with was great. The slower delivery was not an issue for me. The packaging was top notch and even though the email support wasn’t great I found the customer support representative via a phone call very informative and helpful.

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