Pet Remedy Diffuser Review


Pet Remedy is a United Kingdom based company that produces a substance claimed to help reduce stress and anxiety in all mammals and birds. If you are familiar with Adaptil products or have read any of their reviews on this blog then you will should know that Pet Remedy works in a similar way.


How it works?

Unlike Adaptil, Pet Remedy doesn’t work by trying to replicate a natural Pheromone released by mother dogs to her pups. Instead, it works by activating and enhancing the production of GABA inside the animal’s brain. GABA stands for Gamma Amino Butyric Acid and is a natural chemical already inside the brain, it is scientifically proven to calm down animals when it is active and moving around the nerves.

Pet Remedy includes valerian, vetivert, basil sweet, and sage and these natural ingredients are all able to activate GABA. Valerian is sometimes known to be sedating and over-powering so instead of getting your dog stoned the diffuser releases low amounts steadily over time which can result and a lower level effect that can calm down your dog successfully during stressful times.


Does it work?

Based on the reviews out there it is said to work very well for calming down Dogs but just like Adaptil it is impossible to say with 100% certainty that it will work for every single dog out there. It does however have a large number of positive reviews with people claiming it has help their dogs stop chewing things out of anxiety or cowering with new guests in the house.

Adaptil or Pet Remedy?

What one is cheaper?

The Pet Remedy Diffuser with a bottle of the spray is priced at £13.78 on the Amazon store and the Adaptil 30 day starter kit which includes the Adaptil Diffuser and Spray is priced at £14.99


What one lasts longer?

Pet remedy claims that their diffuser lasts for about 8 weeks and Adaptil claims their diffuser lasts for around 4 weeks. The actual effects on your pet from both products will actually vary depending on many unknown factors.


What one smells the worst?

With the Adaptil product, there are no significant odors and you won’t notice any sort of smell but with the Pet Remedy diffuser, there are claims that the Valerian produces a strong Urine like smell.


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