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During my search for quality CBD Oil for my dog Jeff, I came across Pet Releaf. I have already tried & tested quite a few Pet CBD Companies already so I am beginning to know what to look out for. Today I am going to share my experience with pet Releaf.

This PetReleaf review will primarily focus on their CBD hemp oil, geared toward dog owners. I aim to provide essential knowledge to potential consumers, which will help them decide whether these products are appropriate for them after having performed extensive research into PetReleaf's products. With that out of the way, let's get straight into it.


Who Is Behind Pet Relaf?

Alina and Steve Smith registered the Pet Releaf domain back on January 21st 2015 after their German Shepard mixed collie Mattie was diagnosed with Arthritis sometime earlier. The solution their vet gave them at the time was to prescribe their dog addictive Opioids. That wasn't something they wanted to do; instead, they started to search for alternative medicines and came across CBD Oil.


Mattie From Pet Releaf

Pet Releaf is now a reputable CBD oil products manufacturer, and they manufacture their products keeping dogs in mind. They have formed a partnership with the largest USDA certified natural United States hemp farm. They make their products to provide an organic alternative to traditional pet medicines, which can result in several negative side effects.

While Alina & Steve used CBD Oil for Mattie's Arthritis pain, I bought it for Jeff's severe anxiety issues. There also a whole bunch of other uses for CBD Oil although as mentioned by Tim Shu while the research on CBD Oil for humans is quite extensive the same cannot be said for research on Dogs. It is also against the law for Pet Releaf to make any medical claims on their website which they have obliged with.


  • Organic ingredients certified by the USDA.
  • American company with USA grown hemp.
  • Have won many awards for their products.
  • Great in-depth easy to read Lab Results.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 
  • Jeff loves the taste of Pet Releaf.
  • Strong dosage per serving.
  • Good Quality Products.


  • Free Shipping only for orders over $200 (Honest Paws is only over $40).
  • FAQ section isn't very in-depth.

PetReleaf coupon code

I couldn't get hold of a Pet Releaf coupon code sadly. My favorite vendor below does have a coupon code though.

Pet Releaf Products



This award-winning cream is made with a mixture of other organic ingredients as well as full spectrum CBD oil, Canna care is a soothing topical rub. Although its applications vary, it can provide relief to some of the most common symptoms such as arthritis, inflammation, dry skin, as well as any other type of other external irritation. This product is straightforward to use, which makes it a simple solution for any owners of a dog who are worried about the suffering that their pets suffer from due to itchy as well as dry skin.

Hemp Oil


Amongst their most popular products, this USDA certified organic hemp oil  is a full spectrum hemp oil, which provides relief to several symptoms. Suitable for both dogs and cats, this product can be easily administered with daily meals. PetRelief CBD hemp oil is an excellent alternative for anyone searching for an alternative to traditional medicines that typically leaves pets feeling distant and lethargic.



Not to be confused with edibles your son eats with his friends in the basement, Edibites are the top-selling products of PetReleaf. They contain certified organic ingredients and diverse choices. These treats provide a healthy dose of CBD and other minerals and vitamins. Available in a variety of flavors for you to select from, these edibles are a treat that your dogs will love.



They are quite similar to the PetReleaf hemp oil, with the exception that they are available in a simple capsule form. This makes it simpler to make sure that your pet gets the full dosage of CBD. Made with certified natural ingredients, they are available in packs of 10 and 30 capsules.

Pet Releaf Reviews

Usually, I like to head over to a companies Facbeook Page to find genuine, unfiltered reviews from customers. They don't have this enabled, and they don't have anything like a Trust Pilot page or Amazon reviews to check. This is slightly disappointing for me personally. If you want publicly leave a review on Pet Releaf you need to fill out a Google Doc here  and they will publish it for you. I wonder if they will post any negative reviews?

2019 Update


Since writing this review I have discovered a new CBD Oil vendor that has worked wonders for my dog's anxiety. They are called LolaHemp and I have the coupon code DOGGOREVIEW for friends to get a 15% discount! I would definitely recommend at least checking them out. Pet Releaf are great but I like LolaHemp more.

Final Thoughts

I had no issues with Jeff, and he seemed to enjoy the Pet Releaf crunchy Edibites. They did have a calming effect on his anxiety but weren't that strong from him compared to some other products he has tried. I was very impressed with the up to date public lab results Pet Releaf have listed and how easy they were to access. They were carried out by the 3rd party lab Botanacor from Denver who are legit.

I just wish there was someplace customers could publicly review Pet Releaf. No company is perfect 100% of the time, in my opinion. For me though, I don't have anything to contrary to say about Pet Releaf, I would recommend them, and if Jeff could talk, I am sure he would too. Feel free to leave your experiences below in the comment section.


  • WE have been very satisfied with the Hemp Oil 700 we ordered from Pet releaf for our dog Bear it has help him tremendously,We would like to Thank all of you at this period of time,Please keep up the Good work you are doing for our us and our Animals.

    • We use the Pet Releaf hemp oil 700 for our 12 year old black lab. It seems to help with his arthritis and recovery from a torn acl. We also use the Edibites from Pet Releaf as treats that are beneficial for him. He likes those a lot!

      • My 12 year old English Lab has a shoulder injury we think from jumping up on the bed and is on Gabapentin, prednisone, muscle relaxer- won’t if I can give the CBD also. I will be checking with his Vet first of course but did you have any experience with that?

  • Our Doberman, 11 yo Caleb, has been using Pet ReLeaf for 3 years. We usually purchase it from Elwood Thompson HFS. They recommended your product 3 years ago when I was looking for relief for Caleb’s severe anxiety due to seizures caused by a benign brain tumor.

    We have very pleased with the results and that it is a part of a regiment that allows us to provide Caleb with quality life.

  • I have been buying cbd for my dog for over 4 years now. I have tried 3 different companies now and love the one I buy from now.

    Pet Releaf is not the best option for pet CBD. I dont think they care about the customer…but rather money.
    Prices are high and only after legit competition did they lower cost.
    Customer service is bad..concern for getting the customer their order isn’t important after they get paid. no offers to help track or get an order.

    I know this from experience with orders and finding a new company with a great price, concern and help customers.

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