My Plans For This Website – How we together can make a difference..

Hey Everyone,

I am Anton a 20 year old Internet Marketer and Dog lover from Scotland. I am currently traveling the world making money on my laptop from things like Amazon Affiliate and other similar online programs. This is my first ever post on DoggoReview.comIt’s just going be a little introduction to my self and the intentions for this website.



Who am I ?


I have worked hard and am currently lucky enough to make enough money to pay for a bed, food and to travel to almost any country I want when I want. I have set up this website on Monday February 13th 2017 and I have big plans.


My plans for this website

My plans for this website is to every single month give 50% of the monthly profits to a different Dog charity.

How you can help?

Let me first make this very very clear I am not asking you for money and never will.

My blog will feature honest reviews on Dog Products and if you click my affiliate links in the posts and buy the product then I will receive a monetary commission. You won’t get charged anything extra but companies will pay me a percentage of the sale just for the simple fact my website encouraged you to buy their product when?you were on the fence thinking about it. I am going to share these commissions with different?charities and hopefully together we can make a real life difference in the world.


Stay Tuned!!

I will be sharing the progress once things start to pick up

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