My Adaptil Wipes Review

If you have read some my other reviews here on DoggoReview you will know that I really love Adaptil’s products, think they are a great company and have even bought them for my friends who have dogs with going through stres. I have bought their Diffuser, Collars and Spray. I thought that was everything they had until I accidentally stumbled upon their wipes on Amazon. It seems like something they don’t advertise much right now which is a shame because I thought they were a really great product and am sure they can help a lot of dogs.

My review of Adaptil’s wipes

Why I use the wipes?

I use the diffuser for in house use, the dog collar for around the house and walks and finally I used to use their spray for car rides. Here is the thing though I have started using the wipes for car rides as I find it more cost effective than a spray and I also find that it sticks easier to a surface like a car seat versus their spray.

How they work?

They are only available on and and stock seems to be limited so if you want to get them you should be quick. The wipes work the same way as their other products in that it has a synthetic pheromone that tricks your dog into thinking it’s mother is around calming it. The only difference with the wipes is in the way the pheromone is distributed on objects. With the diffuser it is sprayed into the air but with the wipes it can be spread really deeply into a car seat for example

How my dog re-acted?

My dog hates car rides and he re-acted positively to the wipes. I would even say that it made him more calm that the diffuser does. Usually on car journeys he barks and sometimes cries but sitting on the seat I wiped he lay calm as could be. He loves them.

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