Medipets CBD Oil Large Dogs Review


MediPets is an American brand that prides itself in creating high-quality CBD Oil. Both small and large sized dogs can use Their products. They claim to have all of their products lab tested, made in the USA and that they are the leaders and pioneers in the CBD Oil for pets industry.

Medipets claim to source their hemp from organic sources and use superior extraction processes to keep their product safe for animals. They claim to also go a step further by checking the quality of their CBD oil even after these two steps. In this review, I will be taking a look at these claims and checking the lab reports back up their claims.


Who Owns MediPets CBD?


While taking a browse through their website I came across their affiliate page and saw they referred to themselves as a company called DiamondCBD. It looked like they have just copied and pasted this page from the DiamondCBD website and forgot to switch the names around. I looked around more at their corporate page though and saw something that made sense of things. Medipets CBD (Meds Biotech) is owned by Potnetwork Holding a publicly traded company. Potnetwork's subsidiaries own DiamondCBD, Medipets and an extensive list of other brands. , and you can be sure that it isn't just some guy in his garage or a questionable CBD company.

Lab Reports


One good thing I like to see before purchasing CBD Oil for Jeff my Dog is if the company has publicly shared Lab Reports from a genuine company on their products. This way I can see if the products are in fact THC Free and if it is free of any nasty chemicals.

I can see that on the website they have listed some lab reports. The lab reports have tested a Medipets Small Dog CBD Oil. It was carried out by Evio Labs an extremely legit company with 8 accredited labs, 150 staff and over 150,000 tests peformed. The test they carried out on MediPets oil showed there was no trace of harsh chemicals and no detected THC oil. 

Customer Reviews

It was hard to find some public reviews for Medipets online. On their Facebook page, there was some excellent reviews and then one negative review about the customer support. With Medipets being owned by such a large company it looks like they might have lost the personal touch a smaller company usually has with its customers.


On Youtube, I found a review from a dog trainer called Robert Cabral. His website states that "he is considered one of the very top dog trainers and that his private clientele includes Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Beverly Hills and beyond." His video review gave me sales pitch vibes, wasn't that helpful for me and didn't give me more encouragement after reading the Facebook reviews.

What Dog CBD Oil Company Am I Using For Jeff?

I have started using LolaHemp for Jeff and the results have been incredible for him. His anxiety completely vanished over-night and he is a lot more comfortable with life these days. You can use the coupon code DOGGREVIEW for a 15% discount. I have not read any bad Lola Hemp reviews yet.



Medipets haven't complicated things with a million different products and instead limit themselves to Pet Spray, Treats and good old fashioned oil from a bottle. The product you should purchase depends on your dog's needs and conditions.

Pet Spray


MediPets Natural CBD Pet Spray is a 100% organic, non GMO method to help your pets deal with anxiety and stress. It contains 100 milligram of CBD as well as releases essential oils to help your pet feel at home in any environment be it a dog or cat. It is best to use prior to Ideal to use before potentially stressful situations such trips to the vet or a car journey some place far,

This organic CBD spray for pets helps your cat or dog feel at home irrespective of the environment. Keep in mind that you are supposed to spray this in the mouth of your dog and if your dog is anything like mine then that is not going to be an easy task. The pet treats may a better solution for some.

Pet Treats


MediPets CBD Treats Beef Wraps has three milligrams three milligrams of cannabidiol (CBD) per treat. These tasty smelling beef flavored CBD treats are manufactured in the United States of America with trade grade hemp oil, contain 100 milligram of CBD per pack.

They consist of CBD canine treats prepared to sustain canine wellness and health. You can easily make such CBD dog treats a part of your dog's daily healthy routine. Keep your dog's tail wagging by giving him CBD treats. My dog Jeff loves these treats and they work well for his anxiety.



MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs/Small Dogs is Medipets most popular product. It is made from natural hemp. You may have heard about CBD for pets or cats, but this is just for dogs.

Unfortunately it's not only humans that are affected by pain, depression, and stress... it also affects our pets which is what I discovered with my dog Jeff. MediPets CBD Oil for Large Dogs is designed specifically for dogs in order to help support their total wellness.

A quick online search might reveal that CBD can help your pets to feel more in control and relaxed. You can find a couple of reviews from our customers mentioning that they have observed CBD improve the excessive vocalization, cognitive problems, self-trauma, aggression disorders, as well as urination/marking problems of their pets.

2019 Update! Is MediPets The Best Option?


I have now found a company way better than MediPets. They are called LolaHemp and they have really changed my dog’s life.

Their products are completely natural AND I managed to get the coupon code “DOGGOREVIEW” that will give my friends a 15% discount on all purchases. They only sell CBD Oil.


For delicious CBD treats and topicals I would recommend HolistaPet. Jeff loves the taste of all their treats and they are easier for him to eat than the oil. I don't have a coupon code though.

Closing Thoughts

There is no doubt in my mind that MediPet's has high-quality products that will work for your dog. If you are new to CBD Oil and looking for someone to assist you during your purchase, then I don't think MediPets will be able to do that for you. It's probably best to do a bunch of research by yourself beforehand and then purchase from them. Also, remember that they have a 15-day money back guarantee so if you are unhappy with something then you can also send it back. A lot of risk is taken away with that. I would recommend MediPets CBD Oil for most people.

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