Maxxicalm Review – Is It Really A SCAM?

Maxxicalm is manufactured in USA and whitelabled by an Icelandic couple living in the UK. In simple terms that means they found a manufacturer that creates the supplements and packaging and then they have an agreement with them where they can just put their logo and branding on the box while just focusing on marketing and customer support. Don’t let that put you off Maxxicalm though because I have taken a look at the ingredients and even ordered some myself and I think it’s a really good product.




Maxxicalm side effects

There doesn’t seem to be any major effects but you should check to make sure your dog is not allergic to any of the individual ingredients and it is advised to not give Maxxicalm to your dog if it is pregnant. With other medications drowsiness is a common side effect but with Maxxicalm due the natural ingredients it is claimed that this is not an issue.

Useful for?

As Maxxicalm works mainly on a dogs Anxiety issues and the central nervous system it is claimed to help with issues facing things like storms with loud thunder, Loud fireworks, Hyperactive/Aggression, Excessive Barking, Sleeping problems, Fear of people. You get the picture. Along with that you also get a nice free dog behavior guide along with your order on Amazon.





On humans

Also known as 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid it is active in energy drinks and is very important for human cardiovascular function, central nervous system function and even your retina. It has also showed to be important for congestive heart failure and a range of other uses.


What about dogs?

Animal studies showed an anxiolytic effect on rats which means it acts as an anti anxiety agent in the rats central nervous system and it does this by activating their glycine receptor. It is presumed that the same is true for dogs as well as dogs due to the similarities in both animals.



On Humans

Inositol is a sugar alcohol, is found in fruits and derivatives in other natural things like plants, beans, nuts but is also produced by the human body so not an important supplement for humans to take.



It is actually is a similar story for dogs but you will still find in most dog foods as it acts as an activator to the ATP mechanisms and there is also some evidence to suggest that it helps with weight loss, diabetes and even depression.




On Humans

It is popular knowledge that on humans the daisy plant Chamomile has health uses for skin conditions like eczema, inflammation and insomnia. There have been numerous studies on Chamomiles effects on Anxiety and one that sticks out by the University of Pennsylvania who did a placebo and non placebo trial on a number of controlled subjects. Their result was to their study was that it was “clinically meaningful” and that Chamomile did have a positive effect on subjects with history of Generalized Anxiety Disorder.



There isn’t much out there to say if Chamomile can help with a dogs anxiety but nevertheless the natural flowers anti inflammation properties and other agents have claimed to be beneficial to a dogs stomach problems.




On Humans

There have been studies that show L-Theanine to improve condition and reduce physical stress. These studies come from mostly from Japan where L-Theanine has been approved for use in all foods.



In one rat study the results showed that long term repeated high dose use of L-Theanine showed no long term damaging effects and even in another Rat study showed neuroprotective effects on the rat so it as also presumed the same could be similar for dogs.



Thiamine is another name for Vitamin B




Magnesium is also included in Maxxicalm


Delivery & Refund Policies

You are entitled to a 90 day refund period for first time buyers on the first bottle and on Amazon you can sometimes get next day free delivery.





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