LolaHemp Review 2019 – My Experience & Coupon


LolaHemp is a CBD OIL vendor based in the United States created in last year in 2018 by Joey and his mother. They came up with the idea for Lolahemp after their dog Lola developed an intense fear of thunder! Today they have served thousands of customers and sell 3 different sized CBD Oil tinctures.

I have tried many different products to try and help my pet dog Jeff with his anxiety issues. They all failed to do anything and I wasted a lot of money. The day I found my package from LolaHemp arrived was the day that everything finally got better for Jeff.

Let's take a look in this Lolahemp Review.


LolaHemp Products


LolaHemp currently only sell CBD Oil Tinctures in 3 different sizes. Despite having a very limited product range, they have put in a lot of care into making sure their CBD Oil works well for dogs. I have heard rumors that they are working on CBD dog treats but nothing is public yet.

Customer Reviews

Having served over 2,000 dog owners, LolaHemp have of course started to pick up great customer reviews online. Some of the reviews on Lolahemp have credited their Oil helping with cancer, arthritis, kidney disease, anxiety, seizures and other terrifying conditions. 

I looked as hard as possible for bad LolaHemp Reviews but I simply couldn't find one. It is clear that LolaHemp sells real CBD Oil and is not a scam.

CBD Oil Lab Tests

It's critical that you order lab tested CBD Oil online since not doing so could eventually do more harm than good. Scrolling over the LolaHemp website I can see that they have published lab test results for heavy metals, pesticides, microbials, full spectrum tests and THC/CBD levels. 

It looks like LolaHemp source their CBD Oil from a company called BaileysCBD according to their lab tests. The results show that their CBD Oil product is clean and safe for dogs which is the most important thing. If LolaHemp didn't have genuine safe Lab Results posted then I wouldn't recommend them.

My Dog's CBD Oil Results

My Dog Jeff had terrible anxiety in the past. It had a huge impact on his life and even simple things like going for a walk were difficult for him. After taking LolaHemp his life changed and he was a happy calm dog just like he used to be. 

I ordered the 300mg Tincture and gave him a drop in the morning and extra drops whenever something frightened him like Thunder or guests coming over to visit. Like I said already, the results were superb.

LolaHemp Coupon Code 2019


LolaHemp's CBD Oil is already pretty cheap compared to the other Pet CBD companies but you can get up to 15% off but using my coupon code "DOGGOREVIEW" which is an amazing deal. I wish I had that when I first ordered my CBD Oil for jeff.


  • LolaHemp has some of the cheapest CBD out there for dogs.
  • They donate 1 out of every 4 CBD oil bottles sold.
  • Their CBD Oil is organic and backed up by lab results.


  • Their product range is limited.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot to love about LolaHemp, Myself and Jeff are happy with the LolaHemp Products and I would personally recommend them to any dog owner with issues. One thing I would like to see from LolaHemp in the future is for them to produce some CBD Dog treats but for now their cost effective CBD Oil is good enough.

2 drops of their CBD Oil in Jeff's food whenever he is scared with something always ensure he is at peace. It's such a relief seeing him relaxed compared to how he was before LolaHemp's CBD Oil.


  • Helena Macintosh

    Is this product working straight away or does it require time to work. My dog Lexi is afraid of loud noises fireworks cars ect is this the right product for her?

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