King Kanine Review – Pesticides Found 2019


Since my pet dog, Jeff started suffering from Separation Anxiety last year, I have been on a mission to try and review as many natural CBD products as possible that could help him.

That first let me to Adaptil products which didn't work and then shortly after that, I managed to find CBD Oil for Dogs which as a complete game changer for Jeff by wiping out his Anxiety.

The only issue is that not all these CBD Oil vendors are honest. Some don't even have lab reports published which can be dangerous if you are not sure what is inside the CBD your Dog ingesting. The pet CBD oils may not even contain CBD Oil and instead hazardous chemicals.

Today I am going to review King Kanine CBD and see how they compare against the other Dog CBD companies; PetReleaf, Honest Paws  and Holistapet who I have already reviewed and been impressed with.

I will be looking at things like customer reviews, past history, prices and of course the most crucial thing in my opinion; the lab reports to justify if King Kanine CBD is safe for dogs and other pets.

3rd Party CBD Lab Tests

There is no way I am going to feed Jeff a King Kanine CBD Product unless I don't first see a Lab Report showing it has no THC, No Harmful bacteria and other nasty stuff companies might use to increase profit margins. King Kanine do have lab reports for all of there products.

I have taken a look at the Certificates Of Analysis for all of the products, and I feel confident enough that MOST OF THEIR calm CBD products are safe for Jeff and other dogs.

All the Certificates showed that none of the products contained Salmonella, E-Coli or Aspergillus. As well as that there was no THC found in any CBD products.

I did, however, notice that the King Kanine Blueberry Crunch contained small traces of two Pesticides.

They were Phosmet and Azoxystrobin. That is a bit disappointing since King Kanine claim that "All King Kanine items are certified organic and are free of pesticides and solvents" on their about us page.

Once again the traces of both were small, but personally, I would avoid giving the King Kalm Blueberry crunch to my own dog Jeff.
King Kanine Reviews

King Kanine Reviews

With some of the other CBD companies I have reviewed, customers can freely write anything they wish via a review and rate the company freely for the public to see via their Facebook page.

King Kanine has used an app on their page that gives them a lot more control of what King Kanine reviews are published.

I can't find a single King Kanine Review that is rated less than 5 stars, which is a bit strange. It's normal for a company to slip up occasionally or an agitated customer to leave less than perfect review.

That doesn't mean a company is terrible though; I like to see how a company responds to these negative reviews.

If King Kanine has indeed only ever received 5 stars and never had a single negative complaint that is wonderful, but I find it hard to believe.


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King Kalm CBD Treats


This is probably King Kanine's most popular product  which is backed up by the fact they are often sold out.

Most dog owners won't have any problems trying to get their dogs to ingest this; you might have the opposite problem. 

They come in Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry and Honey flavors. Some of the reviews have credited the treats with helping with Anxiety, Arthritis pain, Diabetes and other unfortunate conditions.

The products also contain ingredients like Manuka honey, Krill Oil and Aloe Vera in the Kalm Balm, King Kalm Soothe and other King Kanine CBD products.

King Kalm CBD Topicals


KingKanine has a couple of different CBD enriched topical's for your dog. You can put their Dog Balm on your dog's paws, nose or elbows. Some of the reviews credit the balm with helping dry skin, rashes and allergies.

If you think putting cream on your dog may be difficult, then I can relate, and the spray may be a better option for you.

The spray helps with similar things but also claims to help with inflammation.

As well as CBD OIL, both topical's have other interesting, beneficial ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera and tea tree oil.

King Kalm CBD Oil


This is the CBD product I eventually ended up choosing for my pet dog, Jeff. I went with the 75mg CBD Oil  option, which at the time was on sale for $39.99, which I thought was a fair price.

It came with an oral syringe which Jeff was not happy with. He did not like the taste, so instead, I just put a couple of drops in his food, which he ate up in no time at all.

You can also get their CBD Oil in 300mg and 150mg.

CBD Dosage Guide


For people new to the CBD Oil for dogs world, it can be a little bit scary trying to figure out how much to give your dog., that was the case for me at least.

The good news is that it is not possible for your dog to overdose on CBD Oil. King Kanine has published a useful CBD dosage chart that should give you some ideas on where to start with your dog.

After that, it might be worth manually adjusting the CBD dosage either up or down until your dog reacting the way you hoped for.

If that all sounds too complicated then either find a CBD vendor that sells CBD capsules or CBD dog treats with reliable lab reports.

Final Thoughts

I did eventually end up ordering the King Kanine CBD Tincture for Jeff it did seem to have a calming effect with his Anxiety which backs up some of the King Kanine reviews I read.

I wouldn't say the tincture was as potent as some of the others I have bought for him in the past.

Personally, I am not going to let him try any of the CBD dog treat products after I discovered the pesticides in the Blue Berry Crunch CBD treats. 

I also feel a bit weird with all of King Kanine's reviews being 5 stars. It feels a bit like they are hiding the bad CBD reviews.

There is just too many doubts with King Kanine CBD for me, I do see why people would give them 5 stars, but I would instead go with a CBD company that ticks all of my boxes. I mean, why would I not?

The Bottom Line: Should You Order From Them?

King Kanine are a well known vendor for pet owners around the world.

Their CBD products do work and I don't think they are trying to scam anyone.

Apart from the Blue Berry treats containing minuscule traces of pesticides, everything else was clean.

I would recommend PETLYCBD for all pet owners. Their CBD Oil tincture helped Jeff with his anxiety and the issues with the pesticides is just too painful for me.

For a limited time. Use the Coupon code "SHOP15" for a discount at checkout.


  • This is a very valuable service. I went through the minefield of CBD trying to save my cat.
    Many sellers are not to be trusted and can do far more harm than good. Plus they drop us off in our despair.
    Situation is out of control.
    Thank you

    • Oops they rip us off..
      Not drop us off.
      Can you please fix that?
      I bought King Harvest wow did it drug my cat and tiny dog out. It was scary
      I think that company sells deceptively.
      I was told its healed thousands of animals with none cancer. After charging $380.00 U.S.
      I cancel the order they ship it anyway. Then they tell me it never cured any bone cancer, it’s only for pain. So dishonest.

  • Ivebeen using KingKanine CBD for a few weeks and it saved my dogs life. Everyone including his vet told me to put him down. He’s a 13 lb Shih Tzu from a shelter in Allentown. where no one explained the amount of damage and trauma this little guy went thru. I tried Prozac, Valium and Trazodone with no success. Out of desperation I called the owner of KingKanine CBD and spoke with her about my situation. I started him on a low dose and raised it until he stopped his aggression
    It was a miracle. I’m now able to cuddle and play with my little guy with no fear of him biting me. KingKanine CBD is by far the best product on the market.

  • I’ve tried a few high quality CBD oil for my dog. She’s high anxiety and has some yeasty skin issues and possibly some arthritis. The spray calms her skin fairly quickly and so far it’s the only oil that she doesn’t mind the taste of. She’s a bit too irregular to tell if it lowers her anxiety day to day but bigger doses before storms (if I’m quick enough) definitely help. We use the 300mg for my 60lb Aussie shepherd-hound mix.

    That being said, I’m not a fan of the business side of things. My first order was shipped in two part which is fine but it wasn’t noted anywhere except on my packing slip of the first order in tiny print from what looked like a printer running out of ink. I didn’t get a separate tracking no. or anything. Not a huge deal, I was just was concerned that I had paid for something I didn’t receive but when I spoke to someone they confirmed it was on its way. No major complaints.

    …until today. I ordered a new bottle of the oil as we are running out. After placing the order, a deal pops up and they ask you if you want to buy another product at a discounted rate. I figured I liked the product so I clicked ‘order now’ but the bottom seemed inactive and after a minute the page just refreshed so I clicked again thinking I’d get to reconfirm my order and make sure the extra was there. There was no reconfirm. It processed immediately and showed 3 orders of the product. I was in an office and unable to call so I immediately sent an email. Within 10 mins from the order being placed, I got a shipment confirmation email with all 3 products and then an email right after from customer service saying that it had already shipped and that it’s their policy that I call. I said I was unable to call, the website glitched. It wasn’t my error and even if I called after I was out of the ‘no call’ area it still would have been too late since it shipped in less than 10 mins.

    If you use them, be careful, they definitely operate in a way that takes advantage of people and claim innocence because it’s all on their ‘policy’. If you click on the additional offers, you will not get to review your updated order! And if there is an error, call IMMEDIATELY, if they process the shipping label, that’s it. They don’t care what happened, your money is theirs.

    • UPDATE:
      The product itself is fine. It’s the business and owner I have a problem with. Heads up for those who care about the businesses they support: Owner is Jeff Riman. Quick searching found ignorant, racist posts by him and that he’s a Trump supporter. Wishing I would have done that search prior to my very first order, definitely explains the poor business practices. My experience dealing with the company was prior to knowing the owner’s background.

      • The owner is a Trump supporter? (Not sure what that has to do with the quality of the product but thanks for your cancel culture point of view.) Now I’ll definitely purchase from him & give it a try!

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