How to Use Adaptil to Stop Your Neighbors Dog Barking?

If you have an annoying neighbor who has a dog that just won’t stop barking you will know how frustrating it can be. If you’re not losing sleep then your losing your sanity all in the comfort of your own home the one place you should be allowed to relax and shut off from the noisy world.


Why their dog might be barking?


Before you start feeling hatred for their annoying dog understanding why it’s barking might make you think a little bit differently. If their dog only barks when it’s alone it’s probably feeling a great amount of stress and fear and just wants a hug and for someone to make them feel safe.


What does Adaptil do?

The dog pharmaceutical company Adaptil have created a synthetic replica of a natural dog pheromone that has help to successfully calm down dogs in certain situations. Usually this pheromone is produced by a mother when she gives birth to her pup and it does a good job of calming down the pup when it enters the world scared. Some smart people like Adaptil have done a good job replicating the pheromone. It’s been recommended by vets and undergone scientific studies, all a dog needs to do calm down is breath in the Pheromone.

Their different products?

Adaptil have different products that spray the pheromone into the air, they have a diffuser, collar, wipes and a spray can.


3 ways to get your Neighbor to use Adaptil

  1. You could anonymously post a note through their postbox with a link to this post  politely explain the discomfort the dog is causing you. Perhaps if they read this might buy a product and then everyone including the dog will be happy.
  2. You could purchase something like the Adaptil Dog Collar and give it to them as a gift hoping that they use it.
  3. You could buy the adaptil wipes and smear chew toy, ball or something similar and throw it into their garden but be careful with this as you don’t want cross any lines.

Your best bet is to talk to them face to face politely and mention something about how you read this article and that Adaptil might help their dog. It is safe to use and there are many reviews right there on this blog.

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