How to stop dog pulling on lead with Adaptil Collar

If you haven’t read our review on the Adaptil Collar or have never heard of Adaptil in your life I will briefly explain who they are and what they do. Adapted are an international company with thousands of employees and offices in America and France. They have created a synthetic replica of the natural pheromone released by a mother dog to her new born. The pheromone works naturally to calm down a her pups at what is a stressful and scary time by working on the dogs brain. The Adaptil and Organic pheromone are not identical but are both fairly similar in that they are species specific and seem to have a calming effects although with the synthetic replica slightly less successful.


How to use the collar

How the collar works

Adaptil’s Pheromone only needs to be picked up through the air for it to work and Adaptil have different products ranging from a diffuser to their dog collar. Their dog leash is covered in the synthetic pheromone and is ideal for walks outside. If your dog is pulling on it’s leash due to anxiety worries then the adaptil collar could be just the thing to finally stop your dog from pulling on it’s lead. The collar comes in different sizes fitting all dogs and has a pretty good track record of helping dogs with other anxiety based issues like excessive barking and other things.

Case Study (coming soon)

I have a friend who’s dog is always pulling on his lead and I am going to buy the collar as a present and see if it has any effect, I will update this post with the results when I get them.

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