How quickly does Adaptil Diffuser work?

How long does it take?


Usually when ordering Adaptil from to a UK address you can get it shipped in under a week to your front door. The question a lot of people still want to know though is once you have set up the Adaptil Diffuser, How long will it take for your dog to react to the substance. With my friends dog it took around 2 hours from the moment of plugging it in to the dog inhaling the pheromones for it to have a noticeable affect.

What happened with his dog?

They said that his dog seemed agitated and was urinating on the floor the prior day and early in the morning of that day but that when he plugged it into power socket in his living room he noticed an almost immediate reaction at around the 1 hour mark. It was as if a weight had been lifted off his dog and he saw that she was finally able to relax like a normal healthy dog along with the urinating that stopped.

How quick for your dog?

With other dogs it is possible that it could take up to 24 hours for any effect and if after that mark you see no changes then it is safe to assume that your dog is a non-reactor to the synthetic pheromones and that it won’t have any impact. This does happen with some dogs and it is not quite clear why it does actually happen. All dogs are different though just like humans and they sometimes have different reactions. The good thing though with Adaptil is that there is no negative reactions.

How quick for the Collars & Spray from Adaptil?

With the collar it is the same length of time at around 1 hours but with the spray if you used it in your car because of the small enclosed space you could expect it to have quicker effect meaning you should spray your car around 10-30 minutes prior to a car journey.


  • I have a dog of around 14 years old , having just moved house , I bought a plug in as she barks at any strange noise
    It doesn’t seem to work

  • We rescued a pup the same age as our resident dog. Our resident dog is not really trying to be friends even though we let him know he comes first. Will the diffuser help? I plugged it in less than 24 hrs ago.

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