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Currently, Honest Paws offers CBD Oil and Treats for both cats and dogs. This review will be based on my personal experience with my pet, Dog Jeff, who has been suffering from severe anxiety for a while now.

If like Jeff, your dog is suffering from anxiety, you may have come across this company. Honest Paws can also help with other things like phobias, mobility and joint issues, general pain, joint soreness, allergy and skin, and even seizures and epilepsy. If your dog is quite old, the latter of those issues may be your primary concern.

Your dog will be suffering even though they may not be able to tell you that. Is Hones Paws the best solution for you? Keep reading this review to find out.

What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol CBD, a compound found in the hemp plant, provides a plethora of medical benefits. You should not confuse it with THC compound, which causes psychoactive effect and can lead to a feeling of "highness". Cannabidiol oil is a healthy way to deliver Cannabidiol benefits to cats, dogs, and humans. Some of the best options of Cannabidiol on the market today are from Honest Paws. Hemp oil has been used for centuries for suppressing most of the ailments mentioned above.

The Honest Paws' formulated products are modern generation solutions, which can help in that area.

CBD is an organic medical solution and here is the reason why: humans, cats, and dogs all have CB receptors in their bodies, which allows them to absorb CBD. The body has two CBD receptors... CB1 and CB2. CB1 assists in cognitive function, emotional state, pain, coordination, and more. CB2 is related to the nervous system, gastrointestinal system and immune system in mammals.

This includes inflammation as well, which is no doubt a considerable concern in dogs, especially with care to senior dogs. It is the aim and focus of Honest Paws to help older dogs as well as to improve the quality of their life vastly.

Lab Results


Honest Paws have a feature that I have never seen before. To check the lab result, you need to scan the QR code on your treats and then input some other information to see the results. I have shared a copy above in this review that they have listed publicly on their website.

Everything checks out, and it shows that it has Legal US levels of CBD/THC and that there are no detected harmful pesticides or chemicals keeping your dogs health safe. Honest Paws claim on the homepage that all of their products are all-natural and non-GMO. Sometimes a rogue company will make these claims and lie. Honest Paws have backed their claims up with their lab report from Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs.

Honest Paws Reviews

Honest Paws have chosen to hide public reviews on their Facebook page. Sometimes this might ring alarm bells since low-quality scam CBD vendors use this tactic to stop customers from spreading the truth about their poor shopping experience.


Fortunately, Honest Paws have the next best thing; they are using Trustpilot. It is quite challenging to leave fake reviews through TrustPilot, and they are an excellent place to check the truth about a company. Honest Paws currently has 36 reviews and a 100% excellent rating.


They also have their treats on Amazon and the rating there is a 3.8 out of 5 stars, which isn't as good as the Trust Pilot but not bad. One of the significant complaints there is that the dog treat structure was too hard for the customer's dogs and also that it was quite expensive.

If you have a small dog, keep this in mind before you purchase the calming dog CBD treats. CBD Oil might be a better option or softer dog treats from a company like Holistapet could also work well.

Delivery & Shipping

Orders over $40 are currently free and take about 2 to 6 days. If you have an emergency, you can also pay extra to get your product delivered in a guaranteed two days. You can find more up to date information pricing over here on this page.

For me, it took four days, and it was free. Everything was packaged very well, and there were no issues. They only ship inside the US right now.

What Products Does Honest Paws Offer?

Honest Paws offers CBD soft chews, CBD dog treats and CBD oil for dogs, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your dog's preference.


HonestPaws - Relief Oil - In Use

This is a full spectrum oil, which implies that it is derived from the entire marijuana plant rather than a single part of the plant, ensuring your dog enjoys its benefits entirely. If you are considering hemp oil, full spectrum is unarguably the best way to go, as this is the crucial element of what you desire to buy.

Derived directly from Colorado hemp farms, Honest Paws Purity's full spectrum oil helps fight epilepsy, anxiety, general pain and inflammation, mobility issues, and allergy and other skin issues.

Honest Paws uses its proprietary carbon dioxide process to extract it, the preferred method for extracting hemp compounds. It is then emulsified in totally pure organic MCT oil, which is itself extracted from coconut farms, and then refined.

The products of Honest Paws CBD products are free of tetrahydrocannabinol and are available in three different sizes: 125, 250, or 500 milligrams of CBD. This is what Jeff used.

Dog Treats

HonestPaws -Calming Bites - Cracked In Half
These pure CBD dog treats are available in roasted peanut butter flavor and focus on solving anxiety issues. Relief has a "tasty turmeric" flavor and includes peanut butter too. It aims to assist with inflammation and general pain, including recovery from surgery and muscle and joint issues.

Restore, available in Creamy Coconut flavor, is rich in fatty acids and Omega-6 and helps cure your dog's dry and itchy skin. Restore, in addition to the 100% full spectrum pure CBD oil, has many organic ingredients, including coconut oil.

Soft Chews

HonestPaws - Calm Soft Chews - in Bowl

CBD Soft Chews is the last treat offered by Honest Paws containing all-natural ingredients. It is perfect as a calming Aid, Arthritis, Joint Support and for general dog health. These cannabidiol chews are ideal for older dogs who hate crunchy CBD dog biscuits.

Calming Aid, a poultry-flavored form of the soft chew, includes additional calming ingredients like Tryptophan and L-Theanine. Besides, this proprietary blend uses CBD Isolate.

Joint and mobility Support, another proprietary formula, is the other make of chews that Honest Paws offers. It is poultry-flavored too and includes 500 milligrams of Glucosamine, together with other lab-quality elements like and Chondroitin. Joint Support does exactly what its name suggests. It helps fight increased inflammation, pain, and joint mobility.

Does Honest Paws offer anything else?

HonestPaws - Directions for Use- PB & Coconut Oil

The online site of Honest Paws offers a wide range of help when it boils down to maintaining the health of your pet.

Their website also has a unique feature that permits the owners of dogs to click on a button that represents the condition of their pet.

You can be immediately be informed with details of different products that best meets the requirements of the pet.

Honest Paws also offers several bundles for you to choose from, permitting you to purchase a couple of their offerings together for a low price. 

The bundles are a great way to save money while trying a bunch of products to find out what works best. Another stand out feature with Honest Paws is that you get a 30-day money back guarantee which is almost unheard of. They probably offer it since so little people even need to return their product. 

Final Review Thoughts

If you do your prior research, then I think Honest Paws CBD products are an excellent solution for Dog and Pet Owners.

I would recommend using their dosage calculator. This will let you find the best product for your dog. Jeff loves the soft chews, and they have had a positive effect on his day to day life and are the best honest paws product, in my opinion.

His Anxiety has now vanished, and he is once again, a happy dog. Good luck and please share your good or bad experiences with your pet in the comment section.

The Bottom Line: Should You Order From Them?

Honest Paws are getting more popular and thousands of pet owners have out their trust in them.

Their CBD Dog treats work great based on customer reviews and they have not scammed anyone.

The issue with the dog treats being too hard seems to now have been fixed. If anything changes I will update this review but for now they get 5 out 5 stars from me. 

I would recommend Honest Paws for all pet owners. Their CBD Oil products helped Jeff with his anxiety issues.

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