Does Adaptil work for separation anxiety

Adaptil is a substance that claims to help dogs with different types of stresses and anxieties. It does this my mimicking the natural dog pheromone released by a mother dog only when her pups are born helping to calm them down naturally.


What is separation anxiety in dogs?

If your dog behaves strangely when you leave home it may have Separation Anxiety. Typical symptoms include scratching walls, chewing furniture and barking/whining are also common. You may believe that your dog is behaving badly but most likely it is just suffering from anxiety and scared to be alone from you.

Can adaptil really help with separation anxiety?

It is fairly common knowledge already and I have covered on this blog before that Adaptil does not work for every single dog out there for some unknown reasons. For the dogs that re-act positively it can be a positive life changer. If you’re dog is one of the ones that re-acts positively then Adaptil 100% will work too calm it down and ease it’s mind when you leave home alone

How it helps

As mentioned already by synthetically replicating the mothers natural pheromone. When some dogs pick up on this odor, their brain thinks that their mother is around and it sort of tricks them into feeling more calm and relaxed.

Is it safe?

It might sound dangerous or odd but it is perfectly safe and has been tried, tested & trusted by professional veterinarians and undergone appropriate scientific tests. It’s species specific so humans cannot smell or re-act to the spray so it’s fine to either let the diffuser spray in your house 24/7 if you are there or not. You can also try the collar if your dogs like to wander around the house.

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