Does Adaptil work for aggression?

Adaptil have products that work very well to calm down dogs in stressful situations like trips to the vets or anxious situations like being left home alone but what about if your dog is showing signs of Aggression, Can Adaptil help your dog? Let’s find out.

How it works

Adaptil works my mimicking a natural Pheromone released only by female dogs at a time when they are giving birth. It’s natures natural solution to calming down frightened pups and it really is a magical thing. Adaptil have done a very good job at recreating this pheromone and it has been claimed to have had positive effects for dogs many times.

How it can help with aggression

If your dogs aggression is an onset of stress or anxiety then in theory Adaptil products would work just fine. However I would state that it’s possible your dogs aggression could be a by product of something more serious and if that is the case then it’s advised you consult with a vet as soon as possible. Adaptil products actually do not have a 100% success rate and they don’t claim to either so you don’t want to risk your dog attacking somebody or a serious health condition going undiagnosed.

What to do

Adaptil products could be used as an alternative if a vet can’t find anything or if you are sure your dog won’t attack anyone. You could try the Adaptil Diffuser for you dog as it works automatically 24/7 and covers a huge range of space. With the Adaptil Collar you might have trouble trying to place the collar on your dog if the aggression so bad.

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