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Once when some guests came round to visit my home, my dog Jeff unusually ran to hide under my bed. I thought it might just be a one-off situation, but when taking my dog for a walk the next day, he was scared of passing cars and other dogs. It was hard to watch, and I was trying to think back to what might have caused this dramatic change in my dogs personality. I took him to the vet, who quickly said there was nothing medically wrong. I tried a synthetic substance called Adaptil, which worked for other some other dogs but not Jeff. I then came across Canna Pet, which I thought would be my saving grace, 3rd time lucky. That wasn't set to be the case, though. Keep reading my Canna Pet Review to find out why.


What is Canna-Pet?

A hemp-based product specialist, Canna-Pet, produces natural supplements. It makes and sells hemp-based items as capsules, biscuits, and oil for dogs.

To give credit where it's due, Canna-Pet was among the first few firms to make hemp cbd based consumables for dogs alone. Today there are now plenty of new Dog CBD vendors popping up every month with better prices and higher quality CBD dog treats. Have they managed to adapt and keep up or have they rested on their laurels? Let's find out.

Canna Pet Reviews


One of the chief complaints from their Dog Customers leave in their reviews is about the lack of customer support. At the time of writing this, there is no phone support and the only way you can get in touch with someone is through their Facebook page  or their Contact page. Obviously, a lot of people may not want, but their support through the contact page seems to be quite slow from my experience, and once someone does eventually reply, it's not really that helpful.


Canna-Pet have acknowledged they have some work to do in this area. They say that they are a small team and have been in business for five years, but that is no excuse. They have had FIVE YEARS to re-invest into better support and build a better system. New Dog CBD brands like Holistapet even have live chat support, and CBD Dog seller Honestpaws have a phone number listed on their homepage.

Canna Pet Laboratory Results


Having poor customer support is one thing, but something that rings serious alarm bells with me is that they do not publish any lab report on their website. Customers can check these to read levels of CBD / THC and if CBD pet products contain dangerous chemicals, solvents or bacteria. To get a higher margin, some vendors may use the cheapest extraction method & ingredients, putting profits first and dog health 2nd. I cannot take the risk with my dog Jeff by giving him Canna CBD products. If Canna would just invest in some lab tests and they came back with no issues that would clear all doubt for me. Recently I found through one of King Kanine's lab reports that some pesticides were found so this is definitely a genuine issue.

Canna-Pet Hemp Ingredients

The primary ingredient, as the name indicates, is the hemp plant that belongs to the cannabis family. Their products only use organic, non-GMO hemp. Moreover, CBD pet capsules come with additional flavonoids and terpenes.

Terpenes are natural chemicals found on cannabis plants; they give out many scents. Terpenes, within forest settings, function as an animal and bug repellent. They shoo away predators with unpleasant smells. However, within the cannabis realm, the more than a hundred terpene varieties help detect the impact a specific plant could have.

Besides, flavonoids occur naturally in several thousand plants. Flavonoids offer unique smell, taste, and color notes to plants.

Moreover, different flavors of Canna-Pet CBD biscuits have their own ingredient lists. All biscuits are made using hemp and organic barley flour. I'm not sure if I can believe if those are the only ingredients listed, but for now, I will have too.

FDA Warning

Canna-Pet is not necessarily having a good time working things out with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In 2015 according to the FDA, Mr Goldfarb of Canna Pet was promoting the medical benefits attached to their products without offering necessary research and test results to back their claims. Due to this FDA intervention, they changed its marketing approach, to not breach FDA rules. You can read through the letters in the 2015 section here.

Canna-Pet Side Effects

While dogs and pets can safely ingest several CBD and hemp products available on the market, different animals could react differently to them. As mentioned earlier, I am not letting my dog Jeff try their products until I see an official lab report. With that said, I haven't seen any reviews of Canna Pet products causing major side effects. If their products do indeed contain Non-GMO organic ingredients and lows levels of THC vs CBD, then I don't see why there would be any effects. My dog Jeff has never had any issues with products that have all those requirements. There aren't many studies with CBD for dogs or pets, but for humans, the effects aren't anything significant.

CBD Oil for Dogs

If the terms "curing cancer" and CBD oil for dogs being used in the same sentence intrigued you, you should consider digging in more. CBD oil, like hemp oil, is extracted from hemp and claims zero psychoactive traits. In other words, your dog would not feel a "high" after having administered CBD pet supplements products. CBD presents a great list of benefits to both dogs and cats. Those include:

  • Great for my dogs anxiety issues
  • Arthritis or nerve pain
  • Issues with seizures
  • Agression
  • Topical creams for skin health
  • Help with allergy treatment
  • Decreasing painful side effects associated with cancer treatment
  • Promoting homeostasis within the body overall
  • Good for car trips or loud fireworks

The above reasons exhibit why CBD has gained so much press in the past few years, particularly within the world of homeopathy. However, similar to hemp oil, all oils aren't made the same. Therefore, when you are on the lookout for CBD products, make sure you end up buying the right ones.

CBD Levels

As stated before, CBD offers more health benefits compared to hemp oil. Therefore, products with increased CBD levels would likely provide more bang for the buck. By the way, hemp seeds do not give out oil. You must, therefore, look for hemp plant-derived products. Some firms would try cutting expenses by mixing hemp plants and seeds. Though this helps augment product volume, the potency levels go down and along with it the product's effectiveness. It is also crucial since for the US there a legal requirements for the amount of THC.

CBD and Hemp Sourcing

It is vital that you learn how these companies are making their hemp products. Knowing the source of the hemp plants is essential. Always buy hemp that is organically grown in America and is non-GMO. With the increasing product demand, manufacturers are going with cheaper alternatives. This means some firms are getting their hemp from countries, such as China or Russia. While these global hemp plants save companies some money, the sub-par hemp quality shows in the end product. Canna-Pet claim they grow in the USA and are Non-GMO, but I haven't found anything to back up those claims for their products.

Stay Away from Added Chemicals

CBD offers great benefits on its own, without the help of added chemicals. Therefore, steer clear of brands that add chemicals, such as ethanol, propylene glycol, or harmful flavorings, to CBD.

However, some brands infuse lab-tested, high-quality organic CBD oils into their multiple offerings. For instance, you could buy high-quality CBD infused coconut oil, peanut butter, or a range of cbd treats designed for specific ailments. Once again I am not sure if their CBD is free of these chemicals.

2019 Update! Better Options Out There


I have now found a company way better than CannaPet with legit published lab results. They are called LolaHemp and they have really helped with my dog’s anxiety issues.

Their products are completely natural AND I managed to get the coupon code “DOGGOREVIEW” that will give my friends a 15% discount on all purchases.

Final Thoughts


Like the Adaptil Diffuser, Canna Pet CBD isn't going to be a solution for my dog. I am happy it led me down a rabbit hole of Dog CBD Products and that I was lucky enough to find quality dog brands like Honest Paws, Pet Releaf and LolaHemp which both worked equally as well for his Anxiety symptoms. I would recommend them to friends instead if they have had trouble with other dog products.

Earlier in the review, I highlighted a minority of bad reviews but the vast majority of reviews for this company or overwhelmingly positive. Canna-Pet products have helped build up a loyal customer base, and a lot of dog and pet owners swear by their CBD products. It's up to you to make your own choice for your dog. My two wishes for this pet company are to improve their customer support and publish up to date genuine Lab Tests for their CBD products. Until then, I am using other companies.

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