Adaptil Tablets Review- Do they really work? No

Did you know that dogs get stressed out the same as humans? In fact, if your dog could talk there would probably be a long list of stress factors that he or she could tell you. I can personally tell you when my dog was put in certain situations he would become stressed to the point of where he would become aggressive. This was especially true when guests were visiting and since I often host house parties something had to be done. This is when I started scouring the Internet and looking for different products that could help. It didn’t take long before I came across Adaptil Express Tablets.

Unfortunately, the Adaptil Tablets didn’t work for Jeff, I read a lot of reviews online before I pulled the trigger and purchased them. People were saying that the Adaptil Tablets didn’t work for their dog but I thought it might be different for Jeff. They still might work for your dog though.


November 2018

Since writing this post in almost 2 years ago, I have finally found something that works super well for Jeff and has cured his 100% managed to cure his anxiety. It’s a natural product from a company called LolaHemp and I feel so lucky to have been able to find it. I am pretty confident that if your dog is going through the same symptoms Jeff was dealing with then it will work well. Check it out and let me know in the comments if it helped.


What Are Adaptil Tablets?


Adaptil Tablets were specifically designed for dogs that get stressed out in certain situations. This product is a non-pheromone, natural ingredient based tablet designed to help relieve stress during short-term situations. They are available in packets of 10 to 40 tablets.


Is This Product Dependable?

There is no sure fire way to tell if these tablets are going to work with every breed out there. I can tell you that they worked wonders for my dog, but if you read the reviews you will see that there are plenty of people that have not had success with this supplement. These tablets are so cost effective that it really won’t break the bank to give them a test run. Depending on your dog’s behavior, when he or she becomes stressed you might want to make sure that you test the tablets in a safe environment. For instance, my dog became stressed during car rides and when he was around a crowd of unfamiliar people.

He reacted to the stress by becoming aggressive and barking. So, I tested the tablets with a car ride, before allowing him to interact with my party guests.


How Do You Use Adaptil Tablets?


These tablets are great because they can be used during any predictable situation or occasional events like a house party, car ride, thunderstorm, or vet visit. Along with this, these tablets can be used in conjunction with other Adaptil products. In order to achieve the best results, you want to make sure that you give your dog the desired dosage at least 2 hours before the event or situation is expected to take place. You can mix the tablet in with a treat or bowl of food.


What Is The Proper Dosage?

The dosage that you deliver to your dog is based on his or her weight. If your dog weighs from 5 to10 kilograms you will give him or her a half tablet, 10-20 kilograms give one tablet, 20-30 kilograms get two tablets, and 30 kilograms plus give three tables. These dosages are only given one time a day and for the best results, you want to deliver the dosage two hours before the event is to take place.


Adapted Tablets Side Effects?

These tablets are approved by veterinarians from around the world and have undergone extensive scientific studies. From all the reviews that I have ever read, I have never seen anyone say that these tablets had adverse side effects. Several customers claimed that the product was not effective for their dog, but no one has ever mentioned adverse side effects.


What Are Sign Of Stress?

There are several different ways in which your dog can exhibit stress. Uncontrolled barking is one of the biggest stress signs. Of course, it is fairly normal for a dog to bark in various situations.  However, an excessive amount of barking can be a good sign that your dog is stressed out. Excessive barking oftentimes represents confinement, lack of exercise and separation distress.

Trembling and shaking is another sign of stress in canines. If your dog is not cold, wet, or sick and he or she is shaking, this is probably a good sign of stress. This can happen in situations like car rides, vet visits, storms, and fireworks. Heavy panting is another stress exhibitor that dogs oftentimes display during stressful situations. It is normal for dogs to pant after exercising or running as a means for cooling down, but panting can also exhibit signs of stress.


Side Effects

Adaptil Tablets are made from all-natural ingredients that are safe for canine consumption. I have administered the product to my pet several times, without any detection of abnormal side effects. I was really impressed with how well the product actually works and unlike other similar canine stress relievers, my furry friend was calm, cool and collective.



  • Administers easy
  • Quick action
  • Can be used in conjunction with the spray version
  • All-natural ingredients
  • No side effects

My Final Thoughts

Administering the tablets is extremely easy and can be added to food or water. The dog’s behavior will begin to change after 30 to 45 minutes of consumption, depending on the animal’s size. If your canine exhibits frequent or intermediate stress, you should definitely consider investing in Adaptil Tablets. One dose will do the trick, making you and your pet happier and healthier.



  • Do you use the tablets daily my dog is scared of other dogs after being bit and this has resulted in him barking and spinning when he sees other dogs

  • Karen Davies

    How many times can they have tablet?

  • We had a long road trip to make and with two dogs I was concerned particularly as one of them was quite a poor traveller … I used these and was really impressed, so little time for effect and just felt a general relaxation in both dogs, they were calmer as time went on as well – would definitely recommend, if they work they work well . and no side effects

  • my dog needs to go on a plane and will be travelling for about 8 hours.he is a puppy,about 4 month old and weighs about 7 kilos .can I give him one tablet so it lasts longer .I would like him to be calm through out the journey

  • Adaptil tablets do not work for my little ralph who is a jack chi .. fireworks going off and he’s proper fired up and then has a sneezing fit because of stress.. all dogs are different just like humans , what works on one may not on another…

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