Adaptil Spray Review – An Anti Anxiety Dog Spray or SCAM?


On DoggoReview I have already reviewed the Adaptil Collar and the Adaptil Diffuser. Both are designed to produce a species-specific (to dogs) synthetic pheromone that mimics the natural one that is produced by a mother dog while giving birth. Usually, when her pups pick up on the invisible odor it calms them down at what is a very new and frightening time for them.

Here is the thing though, imagine if that when your puppy grows up, it still has the same fears holding it back, Or what if you’ve just bought a puppy and taken it away from its mother. What do you do then? One thing you could try is Adaptil’s solution.


If you read my previous reviews you will know that I am travelling in Asia. In the past what I have done is send these products to friends back in the UK with dogs going through stressful times all in exchange for their honest opinion. So after ordering and sending the Adaptil Spray to my friend I waited around 30 days and asked him what he thought.

He mentioned specifically that his dog was having trouble with car journeys and that he had tried things like dog carrier bags to no avail. No matter what, his dog would constantly bark in the car.

What he did try though was spray his car seats about 30 minutes before an important journey to the vets. What he told me after wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. He told me that his dog didn’t react at all which left me feeling like I had wasted my money.

Does it work?


Reviews Of Adaptil’s Spray On Amazon

The 100% truth is that it is impossible to prove that the spray will work for every single dog in the world and after reading other reviews online it’s very clear to see that not every single dog reacts to the Adaptil Pheromone the same way and you should keep that in mind before purchasing it. One thing is clear though, for the price I think it’s definitely worth at least trying this if your dog is suffering as it’s possible it could work and you could potentially hold the keys to end your dog’s pain.

How long does it last?

The spray is claimed to last for up to 4 hours and after that time it is okay to re-apply the spray which will give the same effects for the same amount of time and you can get about 15-20 sprays out of one bottle making it really cost effective.

Is it safe?

The spray is veterinary approved and has undergone at least 28 different scientific studies in the past. If you’re unsure about the company behind Adaptil then you can check out a review I did of the actual company. They have offices in both America and France and seem to be professionally set up.

Adaptil Spray Side Effects?

You might be wondering if there are side effect associated with the Adaptil Spray. The substances that make up the pheromone are all natural so there are no negative side effects with dogs. The worst case scenario is that your dog has zero reaction to Adaptil. The substance also cannot be picked up by humans as it is species specific which means that it is safe to spray around the house and safe for kids and older people. Keep in mind though that you should NEVER spray this on your dog’s skin and do not use it if your dog is pregnant.

How to use it?

In The Car

One of the best uses for this spray is for car journey due to the small compact space in your car it should make sure that the pheromone doesn’t escape and your dog gets the full benefits. If you were planning to use this for stressful car journey for your dog you would just simply spray the car seats anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes for a car journey and then just let your dog in the car like normal.

On your dog’s collar

Some people think that spraying your dog’s collar is also a solution but really if you were going to do that then instead you should just get the Adaptil dog collar as it’s more cost effective and just generally more effective as an anti-dog stress device.

In your house

If you don’t want to use the adaptil diffuser then you could simply just spray your dogs bed 10 – 30 minutes before it goes to sleep. If you’re anticipating loud fireworks you could keep your dog in the same room as yourself and just spray the carpet

Spraying your dog?

Don’t do this. There is no warning about doing this but I really would not recommend doing this as there are so many better uses for the spray than risking discomfort to your dog. Remember also that your dog needs to inhale the odor through its nose and mouth as opposed to through its skin.

Other Options?


I was one of the unlucky few that wasn’t able to see any significant results from Adaptil’s Spray.

I would highly recommend the products from holistapet. The unique effects from that product completely changed Jeff's life forever.

He is so happy now in 2019 and his anxiety has vanished. Your dog can be like Jeff.


  • It doesn’t work. In fact now my British Bull Dog won’t go anywhere near her bed and is sleeping 6 meters away from her bed. She obviously didn’t like her mummy.

  • Will I have to use the spray forever⁉️❓❓❓❓⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️❓❓❓
    We have a rescue who was horribly abused then dumped in a dumpster, in the heat of summer‼️‼️‼️
    We got him when he was under a year. We’re positive he loves us…
    He’s now 7 and still a little jumpy. He turned him around sssoooo much‼️‼️‼️
    My vet suggested this so I must try it, at least once

  • The spray has really helped my dog with firework anxiety! We spray her bed about 20 minutes before dark on the weekends (my neighbors set off fireworks all the time). She’s still nervous When she hears them but doesn’t bolt out of the room or shake like she previously would, just lays calmly in her bed.

  • Mine smells like super strong alcohol. I’m scared to use it. Is that Normal? For it to smell so strongly of alcohol????

  • What can I say…….An absolute waste of money. This product does nothing to calm my dogs anxiety. I sprayed my dogs bedding 15 mins before leaving home. As directed on the box. I came home to her still barking frantically. So next time I sprayed 5 mins before leaving her. Same result……Came home to an anxious dog,. Barking and stressed……….I note that on the box it states. (. May aid in the treatment and prevention of fear and stress related signs. ). Results should last 1 to 2 hours
    Well guess what.. it does diddly squat.. Complete waste of money……
    Would I recommend it. Definitely NOT.

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