My Adaptil Plug In Diffuser Review – Is it all a BIG scam?


Did you know that according to PetMD, Anxiety in your dog can lead to symptoms such as seizures, difficulty walking, tachypnea, tachycardia and other terrifying symptoms…

J Am Vet Med Assoc Stefanie Schwartz stated that in up to 40% of cases referred to an Animal Behavior practice in North America, Separation Anxiety was the most common diagnosis.

My dog Jeff has been suffering from a lot of anxiety mainly with new guests who visit my home for a painfully long time now. Friends have witnessed this first hand with my dog and commented on it more than once.

I knew I had to do something so I started researching for solutions and ended up finding Adaptil through a TV advert. I have seen a wide range of reviews already out there online both good and bad so I was really curious to see what would happen with my dog Jeff.

This is what happened

Absolutely nothing happened. Jeff was the same big scared dog cowering under my bed as he was before using the Adaptil Diffuser. You might be thinking that I didn’t stick with it long enough but we even tried leaving it plugged in for 1 month and the anxiety symptoms were all still there.

Real Customer Testimonials


August 2019 Update


Since first writing this review in early 2017, I have now found a complete miracle cure for Jeff, years of mental anguish have just vanished in an instance. I’m not really sure I want to share this with everyone considering how often their products are out of stock and how life-changing it has been for Jeff but here it is.

I came across the company HolistaPet. Their products are 100% Natural, Lab Tested, Soy Free. It isn’t a synthetic lab created substance like the stuff in Adaptil.

There is also a money back guarantee if your dog has no reaction from their product. I give Jeff one drop of the Oil in his food every night and sleeps like a baby. I also plan to give him some whenever there are thunder storms and guests come over. He absolutely loves the taste and is so excited every time I take out the oil. He is a much happier dog these days and it has taken away lots of stress from my life.

Adaptil Diffuser Side Effects


I don’t think there any major side effects from the Adaptil Diffuser since it’s not a medication. I did get one comment on my blog about and issue with diarrhea but that can’t be 100% confirmed as Adaptil’s fault. I think the Diffuser is safe to use and the side effects are extremely limited.


Adaptil Diffuser FAQ


How to set up the Adaptil diffuser starter pack?

  1. 1
    First, remove re-fill bottle cap
  2. 2
    Screw the bottle into diffuser
  3. 3
    Insert your diffuser into a plug socket

How long should you leave it on for?

You should leave it turned on all the time.

Can you put it behind a curtain or door?

No, it’s important to make sure that once it’s plugged in that you don’t obstruct it behind a sofa, doors or anything else. It needs to be able to spray in an open environment.

How Long Does The Diffuser last?

The diffuser spray will last for 30 days.

How much area does the spray cover?

It covers 700 SQ ft and if that is not a big enough range then you can try Adaptil’s collar which gives you unlimited range.

What room should you put it in?

Put it in the room your dog spends most of it’s time in.

Can you use it in your car?

No, the diffuser is designed for in-house use but Adaptil have a spray that is perfect for stressful car journeys.

Can I order it Ireland?

Adaptil is a UK brand so you can order it to your Irish address via the Amazon UK store.

Why I didn’t think it would work

When I first heard about the Adaptil Diffuser through a TV advert I thought it was just a scammy placebo gimmick product. Now that I have actually bought it and tried it I can see that my initial gut feeling wasn’t that far off. I do believe it has a positive effect from some dogs out there but for Jeff it just simply didn’t work.

Would I recommend this to my friends?


Even though this didn’t work for Jeff I would still recommend it to friends if they haven’t found anything that works. There really is nothing worse then seeing your little dog suffer every single day and if I was in their shoes I would try everything I could to try and relax my best friend. With that being said my number 1 recommendation would still be the The Holistapet products.

Sometimes your dog’s abnormal behavior could be caused by a more serious health issue so if you think that could be the case your first priority should be to see a veterinarian to rule out any serious health conditions putting your dog in danger. Many times a vet will end up finding nothing, offering no solutions for your dog’s mental worries and so in that case personally I think you should try a lot of different stuff until something works.

How The Adaptil Diffuser Works

Adaptil Diffuser or Collar?

I have to say that the CBD Oil from the news article would be my number 1 recommendation due it being the only thing that cured my dog but if don’t want to try that for whatever reason then I would say that choosing between the Diffuser and the Collar depends one what situations cause your Dog’s anxiety.

Some people will know that Adaptil has a range of different products and sometimes get confused on what one to buy for their dog but it really is quite simple. If your dog’s anxiety/stress issues occur mainly when outside the house on a walk for example then, in that case, the collar is going to be a better solution. If your dog’s issues happen mostly in the house either when it is alone or with other people around then the diffuser is a better solution. If your dog has problems in the house and when outside then it might be worth getting both or getting the collar and remembering to replace it regularly.


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