Adaptil for Fireworks

If you have a dog chances are it will experience the frightening sounds of fireworks at some point and it will most likely be scared by the loud sounds. This is very common and usually there isn’t much you can do apart from just try fight through the usually happy time for humans at least.

Adaptil have a range of products specifically designed to help dogs with anxiety problems. They didn’t make their products just for fireworks but if something is causing your dog stress then an Adaptil product could help your dog with it’s problem.



How Adaptil could help?

Adaptil products work on the dogs brain by copying a natural dog pheromone released by a mother dog only at birth. When the mothers pups are scared she can calm them right down naturally, if there was fireworks her pheromone would most likely calm them down. The only problem though is that it is only released at a puppies birth. Adaptil however make it possible to release a pretty impressive copy of this pheromone 24/7 through the use of diffusers, wipes, sprays and collars. You as the dogs owner can take on the role of a mother dog and help your dog relax during fire works display.


How to use Adaptil for fireworks?


Let’s say you are anticipating a fireworks in the evening, here are some hypothetical solutions you could use.

Adaptil Diffuser

2 -3 hours before the fireworks display you could simply plug in the diffuser in the room where your dog will be spending it’s time and have a solution prepared in advance.

Adaptil Collar

You could just take off your dogs normal collar and place on the Adaptil Collar again 2 -3 hours prior to the display.


The Adaptil spray and wipes can work in the same way, if your dog spends a lot of time in it’s bed during a scary fireworks show you could just spray it’s bed with the spray or wipe down it’s pillows with the wipes.



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