Adaptil Diffuser Burning Smell?

You might have noticed it before with your phone charger, it starts to feel hot and you begin to notice a burning smell. There have been some unverified claims that some people have noticed the same thing with their 1st generation Adaptil Diffuser after it has been plugged in for long periods of time due to collection of dust and higher power requirements.

Have there been any fires?

If an Adaptil Diffuser actually caused a house fire you would definitely know about it as they would all be recalled and a big lawsuit would be talked about it in the news. Neither things have happened and the Adaptil Diffuser has been around for a while even coming out with an upgraded 2nd generation version that deals with the burning smell issue with the appropriate upgrades in the design.

How you can stay safe

If you still feel paranoid and want to be super cautious then here are 3 steps you can take.

  1. You could use the Adaptil Collar which has the same effects for your dog without using any electricity power.
  2. You could use the Adaptil Spray which also does the same job but just requires you to spray it manually with your own hand rather that using electricity power.
  3. If you find the diffuser convent enough and trust that the burning smell isn’t an issue then you should just make sure it isn’t next to flammable objects like a curtain or between paper

Once again there really isn’t anything to worry about with the burning smell. Just make sure you have the 2nd up to date version and also make sure that you change your Diffuser every 6 months. The diffuser is made by ceva pharmaceuticals who have an excellent track record and people have been using electric air fresheners for close to 20 years.

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