Adaptil Collar Review – Is it just a scam?


This is another cool little product from Adaptil. It’s a magical dog collar ideal for helping your dog out with stressful situations. Unlike the adaptil diffuser spray, with this collar, you can make sure the dog gets the full use from the synthetic Adaptil Pheromone not just inside the house but while out and about which for some dogs is actually the most anxiety prone time. You could use it for travelling, visits to the vets and socialization with other dogs down at the park for example.


Does it work?


Yes and No. The synthetic Pheromone is scientifically proven work, trusted by vets and charities but still has mixed adaptil reviews on Amazon. While there are plenty of 5 star reviews there also equally many 1 star reviews.

To put it simply it works for some dogs and not for others and there is nothing you can do about that.

August 2019 Update


In my opinion, there are too many doubts with the Adaptil Collar, I do believe it does work for some people but I’ve also received some emails from dog owners telling me that they wasted their money buying the product.

Since writing this review, a lot has changed. I found this life changing company that changed my dog’s life forever. Their natural products completely calm him down and I can see that his suffering has finally ended. 

How does it work?

When your dog was a puppy her mother will have naturally released a pheromone that is only picked up by dogs meaning it is species specific. The pheromone is a natural anti-anxiety spray that helps the scared puppies relax and stay calm when they first enter the world scared. The thing is though even when a dog grows up the pheromone can still potentially have the same effects. Unfortunately, though, dogs won’t be able to get it from their mother. Adaptil has smartly recreated a synthetic copy though in an attempt to seduce the same calming effects for any dog without its mother.

Side effects – Is it Safe?

The Adaptil Collar is safe since it’s not a medication. The Pheromone is only picked up my dogs so it’s also fine for other humans to be around it. One of the worst things that can happen is that it simply will have an effect on your dog and that case you will just simply have wasted your money.

Will the collar fit your dog?


The Adaptil collar comes in a small and medium/large size for puppies at 37.5cm and fully grown dogs at 62.5cm in size which makes sure it fits all dogs in need.

How long does it last?

Eventually, after 4 weeks, the collar will actually stop becoming as effective since the Pheromone starts to lose its power. The only thing you can do then is to replace it with a new one.

Can you combine the collar with the Diffuser?

You can also combine this with the Adaptil diffuser which would work. You could leave it turned on 24 hours per day inside the room your dog spends most of it’s time and then also let your dog wear the collar 24 hours per day. That way you can make sure that your dog will also have access to the Pheromone.

Is it comfortable for your dog?

You just need to make sure you measure your dog’s neck properly first and then you once you get the appropriate collar your dog should have no discomfort. The collar is also adjustable and the collar now for sale is actually a second upgraded version. The 2nd collar features anti-irritation features making it designed for greater comfort while still keeping the same pheromone.

Looking around all the different vendors we can see a wide range in prices, during my search for the best place to buy the I collar I checked,,,, and Amazon was the clear winner with PetsAtHome charging more than double their price for the same product.


  • Just purchased the collar today for one if my doggies who us terrified of fire works, ill be back next week to see if there is a change. Keep your web page going as sure once we doggies parents see it, will join in !!!!

  • Can Adaptil cause diarrhea? After I put the collar on, he started having diarrhea including in the house

    • Using the collar for 4 days now and my dog has had diarrhoea since the first evening, so although it isn’t medicated, I wonder what could have caused this. It’s still going on so if the same tomorrow – I’ll take the collar off. Shame though because there is a definite improvement in his anxiety and sensory overload.

  • Waste of time and money for us, had no effect on our greyhound whatsoever during the bonfire month. Tried to use Adaptil’s money back guarantee and we just encountered barriers. I believe they just make it awkward for you and in the end you give up.

    • Hi Chris, thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear it didn’t work, that seems to be the consensus for most sadly. I’ve heard some really good things about Lola Hemp recently. PS. Let me know if Adaptil doesn’t refund your money and I will update this post

  • The Adaptil collar did not work for my dog. We are very disappointed. We removed the collar after 4 days. Money down the drain.

    • Sorry to hear that Nancy, was a similar story for me, unfortunately. Thankfully I found LolaHemp which has been a lifesaver!

    • I have a 2 year old pitbull with the worse separation axciety I’ve ever encountered and I tried this. I was sceptical because to b honest she’s psyco but after 8 days she was a totally different dog I swear. It took 8 days for her but it was worth it.

  • Hello
    I was informed by the local pet shop that the Adaptil only begin to work after 3 weeks… The store also informed me that I should try it at least for two months to check if it works.
    My dog as a social issue with other dogs, because he was attacked by a group of wild dogs some months before he came to live with me.
    Since I put the collar on my dog at the beginning of my holidays and I am also bringing him to dog parks often, I do not know if is calmer because of it or because of the collar.
    I will wait to observe his future behaviour in the next weeks.

  • Has anyone noticed their pup itching due to the collar? The moment i put the collar on my puppy he’s been itching/scratching at it like crazy!

    • Same here. Purchased the collar today and put it on my champ when we got home. He’s been scratching around his neck like crazy. We just think, it being his first day and probably the first thing he has had around his neck, it may take a few days for him to get used to it.

      Have you received any feedback from Adaptil since? And how’s your puppy feeling? Did your puppy pick up a rash etc?

  • I bought the Adaptil collar for my dog to help relieve anxiety for 4th of July fireworks and a car trip right after. I saw zero improvement. In fact I saw nothing different at all with my dog. In the simplest terms. It didn’t work and was a total waste of money.

  • My dog got sick two days after putting the collar on her, she started getting irritable and she has no health concerns. I took it off, and she’s been slowing getting better. Waste of money.

  • This made absolutely zero improvement to my puppy’s fear of fireworks – none.

  • It’s worked a treat for my anxious cavoodle. Quite instantly I might add. Terror associated with passing buses and trucks, other dogs etc while out walking was markedly improved as was her sleep.
    Works for her!

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